We are a Family Business Dedicated to Developing Premium Home and Kitchen Products

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Wow! Goodies

Wow! Goodies is a consumer products company that develops successful new home and kitchen products. Our mission is to take everyday home and kitchen utilities and make them better. Much better! We manage a line of home and kitchen products to make them more visible in the marketplace.

Unique Gummy
Bear Molds

Our kids love gummy bears! And to be honest we also love them.. That’s why we have chosen our UNIQUE gummy bear molds to be our featured product! Our set of Extra-Large Gummy Bear Molds contains 2 big molds+ 2 BONUS droppers, made of BPA Free FDA approved silicone. The bears are bigger and incredibly detailed! Theses molds are perfect for making delicious homemade treats, perfect for party buffet, Halloween treats, Christmas treats, Easter or graduation snacks.  

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We develop premium home and kitchen utilities. Our enthusiastic team provides a unique perspective to product development: We take everyday home and kitchen utilities and make them better! Our mission is to make the life of our customers better, easier  and more fun .We care deeply about our customers – we treat them like family :)